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Mav is Squall's Older Brother. Mav was originally a member of SeeD. He is a cool guy that doesnt look for trouble. But, trouble always seems to find him. He Lives In Balamb with his Wife Kasumi & Teaches Psysics Of Elements at Balamb Garden.

{SD2}Aeris Gainsboro


Aeris is an absolute best friend you can ever have. All though she may take everything so seriously, she still is the most best friend you can have. She hates the idea of fighting but she likes to summon a lot of monsters! No matter what, she can be very loving!





Vince is Squall's sweet, charming young son who looks a lot like his parents. Vincent is a strong kid! He can almost beat his father in a spar. Vincent can be sometimes troubling, but you just have to have the heart to care with him. If you mess with him or curse infront of him, expect his father Squall to come after you.




This here young lady is Squall's daughter. She is a really good friend to all, she really hates fighting but will if she has to of course. Isabelle is the kind of person you can really trust your life on. She also hates noobs that think they are better than everone else. She can also be EXTREMELY hyper at some point which is very amusing! On top of all that, she is a perfect friend!

{SD2}Tifa Lockheart


Tifa is a sweet girl and wants everyone to be happy. Dispite all this, she could kick anyone's ass! She is also a good friend of Vincent's.




Sieg is Squall's other little brother. He is an extremely tough guy to mess with so good luck if you take on the challenge with Sieg! He is a good and caring guy that likes to help out people. He doesnt like noobs that think they're better than the elders and he also hates posers and show offs. On top of all that, he is a good friend and a good little brother. He also holds a deadly Spirit inside of him that he would unleash it on any unlucky soul who crosses his path.