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{SD2}Sol BayGuy


Sol Badguy is a good friend of Squall's. He is real swift on his feet so it's gonna be hard to catch him. He holds his true emotions deep within his soul. The only people Sol Badguy trusts are his friends.



{SD2}Aisha Clan Clan


Aisha is a really good friend of Squall's. She is REALLY REALLY REALLY HYPER! She doesn't like the idea of fighting but would fight if she had to. Aisha is a friend to all, sometimes will hit you over the head with anything she can find




Kouga is Squall's cousin. Kouga is tough in battle so it would be stupid to try and face him. He's swift because he has 3 of the sacred jewel shards, one in his left leg, another in the right, and one in his right arm. He is also a good friend to all.






Miroku is a all around good guy, a friend to all. He likes to have fun and doesn't really like to fight. If he would, he would fight for his friends and family. He may be a bit......well...."slow" but besides that, he's really cool. I haven't seen him fight but im pretty sure he's strong.