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Trish a good friend of Squall's. She has an attitude most of the time, well, maybe all the time. But she still is cool. Don't let her looks deceive you! She is actually an extremely tough fighter. She can beat and kill anyone that crosses her path. She doesn't like wannabes and noobs that think they're the best out the rest. Once you read this, don't try to fight her, she'll end up kicking your ass down to the ground @.@ But she still is a good friend!



Seifer is a good friend of Squall's. Although he is supposably Squall's rival, they are actually good friends indeed. Seifer is quite strong in battle, him and Squall once sparred which turned out to be a disaster when Seifer single handedly cut Squall in the face from his right eyebrow down to his cheek. Squall then got up and then upper cutted a swing at Seifer which gave him a scar from the top of his right cheek to the top of his left eyebrow. Now a days, they are good buddies.



Jin is a cool guy, usually annoying at some point but is still fun to talk with. Sometimes, Jin may be mistaken for a noob on how he acts. He's not a noob of course. He just likes the idea of joy and hapiness unlike some people. He's not really the fighting type of guy but he would fight if he had to.




Jenna is a really good friend once you get to know her. She can indeed get scary sometimes but that doesn't stop anyone being her friend! She was with Showron before but they broke up and now they're friends.