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{SD2}Squall Leonhart


Squall is a good fighter, but only fights when he has to. He is also a ladies man heh heh. He weilds a special weapon called a gun blade which pretty much speaks for itself of what it is. He is a loyal friend and an asshole to most random guys that bother him but is kind with the women. He will also kill anyone who bothers him. But if you mess with his girl.....he will show you no mercy whatsoever and rip you to shreds. So whatch out. He is very intelligent and has a scare on his face. He recieved this scar from sparring with seifer. They were sparring and seifer slashed his face and gave him the scare then Squall jumped at seifer and cut him with his gunblade and gave seifer a scare aswell. Squall also likes to keep to himself most of the time unless he feels like talking to someone. He is also very loyal and will protect his family and friends no matter what. He is good to have as a friend and horrible to have as an enemy. 

Squall is also in {SD2}{SWOC}|R|P|D|{LWFH}(LPR)[-DN-]|BSV|{ORIN}[.Hack] {AC}[KaTaNa].